Can I Buy Private Health Insurance?

Private Health Insurance Plans are Available

Open enrollment for 2020 marketplace health plans ended for most states on December 15th, 2019 at midnight. There was an extension following the deadline that allowed enrollment to continue in all states until December 18th at 3am EST. Additionally, select states have open enrollment extensions through January 30th, 2020. Private health insurance plans, however, are available any time regardless of having a qualifying event. If you missed open enrollment, you can still enroll in private health insurance to assure you have financial security against surprise medical bills and hospital visits.

What is different about private health insurance?

Private health insurance plans typically do not qualify as “minimum essential coverage”, which is not an issue for many people who have less demanding medical needs and requirements for specific coverage inclusions. Below are the qualifiers of minimum essential coverage. In shopping for health insurance, you should always consult with a licensed agent regarding your specific needs so in the event you require medical attention, you have the proper coverage. Ask a licensed agent what the best options for you are and you may find that a private health insurance plan is much less expensive while providing all the coverage you or your family personally need.

  1. Ambulatory services (outpatient care)
  2. Emergency services
  3. Hospital stays
  4. Laboratory services
  5. Mental health services
  6. Substance use services
  7. Pediatric services (medical, dental and vision)
  8. Preventative care
  9. Pregnancy care
  10. Maternity care
  11. Newborn care
  12. Birth control coverage
  13. Coverage for pre-existing conditions
  14. Plan offerings in bronze, silver, gold, and platinum

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